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As an officer, you get trained in the art, craft and technology of war, Simultaneously, you can pick up skills in management, computers and human nature. In short, you never cease to grow because you never cease to learn . You also remain at par with the rest of the world in educational qualifications. National Defence Academy Awards you a Bachelor’s degree in Arts / Science or Computers, on completion of your training. If you join the technical stream, you are offered a Graduate / Post Graduate degree in Engineering from one of the finest Institutes of Technology in the Country. Later on, when you are selected for the prestigious Defence Services Staff College Course, you are awarded a Master of Science degree in Defence and Strategic studies. The Indian Army also runs some of the most prestigious academics and institutes, exposing you to a wide range of subjects from engineering administration to strategy, and armament technology to management. The choice is indeed limitless. In fast, you can even get into Research & Development, If you so desire. But that is not all The Indian Army gives you a choice to benefit from foreign postings and studies you can attend on going programmes at IITs and IIMs and gain additional qualification simply to taking study leave.

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